Proactive CSAM Detection Tools for Content-Hosting Platforms

If your platform hosts user-generated content, then chances are you have an urgent need to address child sexual abuse material (CSAM).  


The Internet is Overrun with CSAM. Your Platform May be at Risk.

More than 88.3 million files of CSAM were reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in 2022. This illegal content can spread on any platform that hosts content. Programmatic CSAM detection solutions, like Safer, can help you proactively protect your platform.

Our Tools Offer:

  • Deployment options and features to fit your needs

  • Large database aggregating 29+ million hashes of known CSAM

  • Advanced AI/ML models to identify new or previously unknown CSAM

  • Cross-platform sharing of novel CSAM hash values among Safer customers

  • A content moderation UI built with employee wellness in mind

  • A reporting form UI to collect necessary data that enables you to connect to your NCMEC or RCMP Cybertipline account

  • Safer integrates with your AWS Cloud infrastructure for better control, scalability, and security for CSAM content moderation. 

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For Advanced CSAM Solutions, Look to Safer Enterprise

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Hash Matching

Detect known CSAM by hash matching against a database aggregating 29+ million hashes of known CSAM.
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CSAM Image and Video Classifiers

Leverage advanced AI/ML classification models to find and flag potentially new, unknown CSAM for review.
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Review Tool

Moderate content using Safer’s Review Tool, a user interface built with employee wellness in mind.
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Reporting API

Send reports via a form UI that collects necessary data and  connects to your NCMEC or RCMP cyber tip line account.

"Thorn makes it simple for businesses to set up and operate a robust child safety program. Their Safer tools are designed with flexibility in mind, and Thorn has provided excellent support to our product and engineering teams to ensure our implementation of these tools fits the unique context of our platform. Slack has long relied on Thorn to help keep our services safe in a responsible and privacy-protective way."

Risa Stein, Director of Product Management, Integrity at Slack