Emerging Online Trends in Child Sexual Abuse 2023

Clear trends emerged from Thorn’s latest research. SG-CSAM is on the rise. Child predators are more brazen. Youth find safety tools insufficient. These insights point to actionable steps to mitigate risk on your platform.

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Understand risks to your platform and get actionable insights

Find out how emerging trends in online sexual threats to children could be putting your users and platform at risk.

Inside the report:

  • How to tackle the rise in self-generated child sexual abuse material

  • Case Study: Flickr detects novel CSAM with classifier

  • Recognize the risky online interactions youth are having with adults 

  • Understand youth’s attitudes toward reporting tools 

  • How to take a Safety by Design approach to feature development

Thorn is committed to providing resources and tools to tech platforms to help them combat child sexual abuse at scale.

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"In our digitally connected world, child sexual abuse material is easily and increasingly shared on the very platforms we use in our daily lives. Harmful interactions between youth and adults are not isolated to the dark corners of the web. As fast as the digital community builds innovative platforms, predators are co-opting these spaces to exploit children and share this egregious content."

John Starr, VP of Strategic Impact, Thorn